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We are proud to create high quality Tech and Media services with clients that share our belief that business can be a force for good. We tailor the best mix of Tech and Media solutions to enable businesses, clubs and not for profit organisations to build new positive relationships with their customers and save money on existing contracts.

Trust, value and creativity are the core values of our business.


GOBU specialises in providing outsourced webmaster services to our clients. This allows our clients to concentrate on running and growing their business, while we take care of all aspects of their web services.

GOBU web master clients minimise wages and eliminate interruptions to business processes.

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Security of on-line data and management processes is increasingly important to the organisations we serve in health, education and charities. Aside from the legal requirements that GDPR places on them, the immediate risks are damage to reputation and the loss of local community trust. We offer DPO services and training to help you run your own show.

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Our clients in health, education and charity typically have many hundreds, if not thousands, of members and supporters to communicate with effectively. This is quite a task. We work right across the management structures of our clients to understand the differing communication needs and methods of each manager and/or department. We then offer up innovative solutions that streamline the process, saving money, time and confusion.

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At GOBU we pride ourselves on our ability to create beautiful websites that fulfil their function. Whether it’s a branding update, bespoke build or addition of an online shop we are here to help.

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Logos are essential for both brand recognition and brand identity. Whether it be for print, merch or digital we understand the need for logos to be fit for purpose, as well as bespoke to your brand character. We do not charge for meetings and charge by the half day to ensure you get the most out of our design services.

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