GOBU has over 10 years’ experience of creating and delivering educational programmes into schools across
Surrey and London.

We work with several charities to deliver business and STEM based programmes to young people in primary, secondary, as well as  university students. Our feedback has been incredible from pupils as well as staff from the University of Oxford.

Supporting our Teachers.

While working in schools it became increasingly clear we want to help support science.

Our programme is designed to offer support to teachers by providing activity based games in key science modules, personal hygiene and welfare.

The figures below show the declining percentage of overall graduates from science, math, economics or engineering completing primary PGCE courses over 3 years.

So our team got to work developing our programme, mapping it to the National Curriculum

We were able to ensure we focussed on the 4 main topics of the 2018-19 Teacher Framework relating to the human body.

We soon decided to expand our programme to include topics around welfare education and personal hygiene development as the 2018-19 teacher framework has put more responsibility on schools.

We understand some people love detail, unfortunately we couldn’t fit everything on the website. If you want to see how our programme links to the national curriculum in more detail email us here.

We chose to focus on dental health

Government statistics show tooth extraction is the most common reason for hospital admission for children aged 5 to 9 years old.

So our team designed ‘You Are Amazing’ to educate about diet, encourage regular brushing and create dialogue between pupils and their local dentist.

How “You Are Amazing” is designed to help.

Innovative high quality learning through a programme mapped to the national curriculum.

We offer tangible ways to maintain personal health and a programme that ensures this is free by partnering with local business.

We offer data to schools and dentists to prove children are moving toward better healthcare.

We are now taking bookings for 2019!

Key Facts
Keeping it easy for teachers
  • We are completely classroom based
  • We bring all our own materials
  • We set recommended homework for the night before
Keeping it easy for sponsors
  • We collate all the feedback forms into usable reports
  • We create create and maintain an impact table of healthy outcomes
  • We create and distribute certificates of engagement for clinics
Programme Information
  • Our programme has been developed for 9-11 year olds
  • We runs as a half-school day, either morning or afternoon
  • We cover 4 of the 7 key programmes of study in the science curriculum
Safeguarding Children.
  • GOBU is registered with Surrey County Council to issue DBS check to all our staff and volunteers.
  • All the 'Your Are Amazing' staff have valid DBS checks