Technical Projects and Solutions

We tailor the best mix of Tech and Media solutions to enable businesses, clubs and not for profit organisations to build new positive relationships with their customers and save money on existing contracts.Trust, value and creativity are the core values of our business.



OBU specialises in providing outsourced webmaster services to our clients.

Our clients concentrate on running and growing their business while we take care of all aspects of their web services.

Because we offer webmaster services to many SME businesses and organisations we are skilled, professional and efficient at what we do.

GOBU clients save time and money for wages and interruptions to their business processes, by outsourcing webmaster services to us.

GOBU specialises in offering these services to professional organisations in the following fields; health, education, clubs and charities.

Outline of available Webmaster services;

  • Website Coding, Configuration and Content Update
  • Website Backup and Restore
  • Website Testing and Assurance for Different Devices
  • Search Engine Optimisation with Bespoke Management Reports
  • Email services
  • Online Membership and Shopping Modules – Implementation and Support
  • On-Line Payment Gateways – Implementation and Support
  • Data Protection Reports and Recommendations for GDPR Compliance
  • Change and Improvement Using Agile Project Management



Security of on-line data and management processes is increasingly important to the organisations we serve in health, education and charities. Aside from the legal requirements that GDPR places on them, the immediate risks are damage to reputation and the loss of local community trust.

Some examples of our recent security projects;

  • Acting as Data Protection consultant for a leading dental practice, we advised them how to comply with new GDPR legislation, we briefed staff and produced the staff manuals, and we now advise on ongoing compliance;
  • We have implemented SSL certificates for data encryption across several client websites and implemented secure data collection, storage and maintenance for health and charitable organisations.


Our clients in health, education and charity typically have many hundreds, if not thousands, of members and supporters to communicate with effectively. This is quite a task. We work right across the management structures of our clients to understand the differing communication needs and methods of each manager and/or department. We then offer up innovative solutions that streamline the process, saving money, time and confusion.

Some examples of recent projects;

  • We were recently commissioned by a health provider to provide a report and then implement proposals to make the local community more aware of their business and increase footfall. We rewrote their website to make existing content better ranked on Google (SEO), gave them a test website to try out new pages, posts and formats, and organised a targeted ‘community outreach’ project to 120 local families who were invited to visit the premises on social media;
  • We have tailored an integrated web and social network solution for a ‘special needs’ sports club, to post news on their website and automatically update their social media channels, saving them time and errors.


“Everything was running fine until we picked up a virus.”
How often have we heard this?

An infected laptop, compromised website, hacked email account or even in very bad scenarios, leaked financial details, can bring business to a halt.

We have based a set of recommendations and procedures based on the documentation from the Information Commissioners Office. Contrary to popular belief, the ICO recommendations make good sense to ensure business continuity as well as data protection.

Staying up to date in a fast changing world;

  • A leading sports club commissioned GOBU to consolidate their membership details into a single database with controlled access, This database replaced numerous spreadsheets maintained by age-group coaches. Due to personnel changes they ‘lost’ the primary database. We supplied them with a copy from backup and all is running normally again;


Take control and ownership of your technology. we investigate, advice and set up with your own hosting to ensure full control of your own domains and data.

Forensic investigation in action.

    • "We were commissioned by a charity to ‘take over’ their website, to maintain and develop further. We helped the client by researching who owned the domain and finding out where it was hosted. The client gained control and we placed the site on a new server over which they had full control. We then helped them get the domain transferred into their name and they now have control over their website, email and social media feeds for the charity."
Chris Burchill - Head of Technical Projects at GOBU Tech and Media